Raskolnikov's music offers a content that is as melancholic as it is hypnotic and energetic, accompanied by existentialist texts, of futile redemption and the bitterness of Being.
It's a mix of the dark and floating universe of coldwave, mixed with the revolting energy of post punk, and the melodic density of shoegaze. A penetrating voice accompanies the music, communicating open-ended questions from a first-person point of view about destruction, anger, obsession, oblivion, regression, fear, failure, pain, regret, fall and loss of self, but not without references to hope.
This polyphony of unordered consciousness, which leads to the division of the self, refers to the name of the group, which goes back to the protagonist Rodion Raskolnikov in Fedor Dostojevski's socio-psychological and philosophical novel "Crime and Punishment" (in Russian: "restuplenie i nakazanie", 1866).

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